Centre360 - The Ideal Cloud-based Business Manager

Every business irrespective of size generates an abundance of customer data and related business processes thus resulting in a more complex business environment. To manage this, most business owners/ entrepreneurs eventually hire more manpower and simultaneously increase overhead costs yet remain unsatisfied with results. Have you analyzed your business activities and wondered what could be done to replace inefficient and time-consuming workflows?

Happy customers/clients are the most valuable asset to any business, but how can you successfully deal with challenges that arise from time to time while building profitable customer relationships?

A centrally managed system that streamlines your business processes, reduces inefficient practices and automates workflow may be the best solution to build business relations with customers and prospective leads. Optimize operations, enhance efficiency, streamline business processes and increase productivity without worry by opting to integrate your current business workflow with Centre360, an-all-in one cloud-based solution that works as a CRM, ERP, facility manager and more.

Centre360 is a joint venture of Tech Alapatt and Qudratom R&D Labs. Let’s take a quick look at its key features and benefits!

Key advantages of Centre360:

  • Lower IT support cost
  • Mobility and easy access
  • Increased customer insight
  • Zero human error
  • Automated business practices
  • Reduced turnaround time
  • Quick and easy follow-up
  • Efficient customer/client support
  • Safe and secure data management & more

Key features of Centre360:

  • Central Lead/ enquiry manager
  • Central booking engine
  • Graphical representation of facilities available and booked (exclusive feature for serviced office space and other business space providers)
  • Asset and inventory management
  • Automated billing process
  • Finance and accounting
  • Create your custom dashboard with features you choose
  • Simple business model for third-party integration & more