A smooth sailing business is always backed up with a smart finance managing application that maintains and automates the billing structure.To be able to manage finances on your finger-tips irrespective of businesssize makes every day work a lot easier. Centre360 can be your personal finance manager on-the-go that impressively streamlines all your back-office processes which includes revenue, finance and billing management. A single click is all it takes to view all financials including receivables, payables and real-time access to outstanding bills and invoices.

  • Automatically generate bills based on the date and time mentioned in the agreement which are ready to accept payment
  • Bills include service details, amounts with breakup of taxes and discounts
  • Shows details of payments received against bills with date and mode of payments
  • GST friendly
  • Different reports can be generated bills
  • Able to track current usage costs that are unbilled
  • Curtail errors that occur while maintaining physical folders


  • Intelligent reporting & analytics at your fingertips
  • Detailed reporting- pie chart, graph, bar
  • Control your business with smart reports
  • GST tax calculation
  • Asset utilization reports
  • Downloaded in PDF format